Evolution Freestanding

Evolution freestanding (retractable roofs) are designed to provide an operable multi-purpose extension to an existing building or structure. The flexibility of an outdoor or indoor living area in the same area can be achieved with the integration of evolution freestanding retractable roof that is designed to be easily opened and closed. The operation can be manual or motorized, utilizing SecurTrak™ system for structural safety and ease of operation.

A retractable roof structure is that system of roof that features the mobility to cover or uncover the space within a few minutes. The roof structures of small size are been in the architecture world for a long time but the invention of large retractable roofs structure that have the capability to support themselves is talk of the modern age. These retractable systems derived from the architectural concept that brings freedom of outdoor and giving the indoor comfort. Years of research makes it possible to achieve the highest standards of safety, accompany with elegant designs. Comparing the businesses who have these retractable roofs have better economic performance and revenue generation as compared to one with the traditional or old-style fixed roofs.

Freestanding structures are manufactured to sites specific and user needs from 6 base models. There are extensive door and window options to provide access and ventilation without opening the system.