Roller shutters and solar shadings

Roller shutters and solar shadings

Roller shutters composed of profiles directly designed and custom made by us in steel or stainless steel, high mechanical strength shaped and with variable thickness (depending on the specific application).
Extremely safe and operational, in accordance with the regulations in force, our roller shutters provide a high resistance against every kind of breaking and entering.
Both manual and motorized for commercial, residential, industrial large dimensions enclosures.

The material and accessories quality ensures an excellent durability.

IASP roller shutters product range (4 models):

  1. roller shutters with elements,
  2. microperforated roller shutters,
  3. grille roller shutters,
  4. thermally insulated roller shutters.

Particolarly used in residential context, the insulated aluminium or steel shutters provide a high level of safety through additional closings, permitting a solar shading of the interiors.