Balaustrades and canopies

Balaustrades and canopies

Starting from architectural drawings, we are able to build customized canopies, modeling the graphic sign.

On the basis of the needs, we provide motorized solutions which allow to open and close surfaces.

We also propose more traditional products for the market, expecially glazed versions: 

  • with mechanical retaining aluminium profile fixed at the wall (even recessed) and glazing panes free on 3 sides; 
  • with point-fixed glazing panes and stainless steel tie-rods; 
  • with perimetral framework, and even with customized infill panels. 

The variety is also typical feature for our balaustrades product range.

We propose on the basis of the specific requests:

  • balaustrades with mechanical retaining aluminium profile at the bottom, accessories, and glazing panes free on 3 sides;
  • balaustrades with point-fixed glazing panes;
  • balaustrades with perimetral framework and having infill panels, or metal patterns. 

We perform tests and certifications in case of boundary conditions different from the standard ones, supplying in any situation products in compliance with the applicable regulations.

The moving versions deserve particular attention, since the extension of the upper module allows a wind protection for a height of 1,85 mt as necessary.

The retraction of the upper module is conducted in parallel with the fixed lower one, moving behind it during the closing. The movement of the upper module is activated through a simple touch.

Photovoltaic versions for balaustrades and canopies are available and customizable on demand.